Ganesha Shrine

Ganesha Shrine is one of the most well-known Hindu shrines in Bangkok. Located directly adjacent to Trimurti shrine, Ganesha Shrine is often worshipped by people in the entertainment industry. They come to ask for blessing in their artistic careers such as singers,  dancers, actors, comedians, painters, or artists. It's also known for businessmen to worship the Genesha for good fortune.  

Creation of Ganesha

There are many versions of the mythology but widely, it's believed that Parvati, the wife of Siva, created Ganesha from her perspiration. As her husband is often away, she wanted to have a son to keep her accompanied and to protect her from danger. She got him to stand guard at her bathing chambers.

As the boy and never met Siva, he prevented Siva from entering the bathing chambers. After Siva realised he was his own son, he ordered his soldiers to bring the head of the first animal they encountered. Turned out, it occurred to be an one-tusked elephant.   

With word of mouths, many come to the shrine to whisper for their successful artistic careers as well as for their wealthiness. Many return to worship as their wishes become true with some of the main offerings include fresh fruits, flowers, grains, desserts, and other non-meat food.  

TakeMeTour's Review

Although the majority of Thai practices Buddhism, many believe that Hinduism is part of Buddhism and hence come to worship the Ganesha too. The shrine is one of the most visited in the Ratchaprasong junction. It's totally worth a visit as the junction will give you a contrasting vibe between the peak urbanisation and religious sphere.