About the Hiding of the Giant Jellyfish

About the Hiding of the Giant Jellyfish


Bricks, PU foam, concrete and silicone


When travelling, most travelers would enjoy the beauty of nature and the scenery surrounding them. About the Hiding of the Giant Jellyfish is an artwork that calls for a sensation of a sudden wakefulness to inner matters that are often invisible to visitors. Jellyfish are transparent but omniscient creatures in the ocean. They are hard to see, quiet, untouchable, and always unconsciously afloat. For Thailand Biennale, Tran places a hidden “jellyfish” underneath the footpath of Ao Nang beach. Although there is initially nothing to be seen at the site, it is only when stepped upon the artwork appears. As tourists walk on this footpath, the floor will slightly sink and it feels as if they are stepping on an enormous moving creature underneath. Dealing with the feeling of imbalance, the human’s neurotic balance system will immediately alert, sending a glimpse of flashback into the viewer’s biological existence, and physically wake up their conscious mind to the surroundings. Thus, the jellyfish is there to scintillate hidden issues that otherwise are easily missed. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Tran Luong


Tran Luong was born in Hanoi, Vietnam in 1960. He is among one of the first artists who explored performance art and video art in Vietnam. Tran’s artwork is grounded in the local experience and the internalization of political repressions and ideology onto one’s body.

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