Alberi e Pietre

Alberi e Pietre


natural stone, living tree


As in many other countries, tourism, as well as globalization is threatening the natural landscape of Thailand. Alberi e pietre (Trees and Stones), the series Penone started in 1969, sets forth his interest in the relationship between nature and men. The site-specific installation, located in the Kong Ka Pier Pak Nam park, is comprised of five Javanese cassia trees and five stones of different sizes and dimensions. They are leaning into each other and arranged in a straight line according to their decreasing dimensions. It is a visualization of the trees’ growth. The natural elements were all collected from the surrounding area by a local gardener and positioned according to the artist’s design. At the end of the exhibition, as suddenly as it appeared, the art work will vanish, and its elements will be returned to their original place. Unlike nature, men-made creations produce alternative and ephemeral imaginaries. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Giuseppe Penone


Born in Garessio, Giuseppe Penone lives and works in Turin. In his sculptures and installations, the creation process is an integral part of the work itself and establishes the dialectical relationship between the actions taken by the artist and the nature; it gives form to a material, every time differently, and reveals nature’s terrific and magical essence. Since the seventies, Penone reflects on the principles of identity, and boundary, contemplating the action of contact.

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