Limestone, aluminium, concrete, mirror-polished stainless steel


Alicja Kwade’s sculptures offer a chance to meditate on how reality is structured through human perception of time, space and the nature of objects. For the first Thailand Biennale, concrete walls and reflecting panels of mirror-polished stainless steel build the basic structure of Kwade’s site-specific installation on Noppharat Thara beach, transforming the space into different dimensions to extend the limits of observable reality. A limestone boulder found at quarry in Krabi is reproduced as its own mirror-image by being cast in aluminium. Both versions of the object - the found original and its mirrored copy - are connected through the mirror-polished panels that enable the installation to melt into the surroundings. As viewers circle the work, they become part of the installation adding a performative dimension to it. The installation presents a framework that illustrates and challenges viewers’ understanding of their surroundings, emphasizing the subjectivity of perception and thus reality. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Alicja Kwade


Alicja Kwade is a polish contemporary visual artist. Her mixed-media sculptures and installations are usually inspired by time, space and gravity.

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