Elevated Sea Level

Elevated Sea Level


Mosaic tiles, dimensions variable


Mosaic tiles are a signature of Wang Wei’s recent work. He engages the challenges of space and its architect, in this case, the beach. Laying pieces of sea-colored mosaic tiles on a beach area next to the ocean, Elevated Sea Level imitates the sea’s surface emerging from a strange, yet familiar area. Koh Klang is an unusual area in Krabi – a hidden gem within a fairly closed community, approachable by tourists, yet still welcoming to outsiders. The location, together with the presentation of this work, portrays a natural phenomenon that absurdly acknowledges the unstable relationships between man and nature. Here, a man-made object is introduced into the environment that responds to the surrounding nature itself. The work is a layering of contradictions, bringing the viewer a step closer to the ‘Edge of the Wonderland.’ ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Wang Wei


WANG Wei lives and works in Beijing, China. He has developed a practice around interventions that aim to disrupt human perceptions of space through modifying existing architectural structures with subtle, surprising additions.

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