Football Field for Buffalo

Football Field for Buffalo


Mixed media and participatory based project


The artist is interested in the traditional lifestyle of the Koh Klang people. Although the island’s residents have become very engaged with eco-tourism in recent years, he found that the people continue to take pleasure in sports and nature. In particular, they still maintain their connections with animals, mainly chickens, goats and buffaloes. At the same time, Fukasawa is also interested in the oral history of the island. He learned that the sports of boat racing, kite flying and football plays a significant role in bringing the community together. Inspired by the popular chicken competition, where competition and animal meets, the artist creates a football field for buffalo and an amphitheater on an abandoned, rich field for the audience. His work gives an opportunity for the communal buffaloes, who are the regular workers in the field, to become key players. Thus highlighting the unique bounds between humans and nature on this island. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Takafumi Fukasawa


Takafumi FUKASAWA was born in Yamanashi. He is currently based in Sapporo. The artist is known from his projects that usually collaborate with local people, children and welfare facilities.

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