Ghost Island

Ghost Island


Fishing nets


Krabi Province is renowned for its unique island landscapes and sparkling waters. Beyond the valued tourist destinations, the sea in the region also supports numerous fishing activities, invisible stories, and multiple cultures. A sign of those unseen activities is the growing number of abandoned or lost fishing nets entangling turtles and fishes, and hurting the marine environment. Ghost Island is a six-meter pile of fishing nets that are left behind in the sea around Krabi and the Andaman ocean. The installation recalls the particular geology of the surrounding islands formed by the accumulation and stratification of numerous distinct layers. Moreover, it addresses waste dumped and left in the sea, and the difficult but necessary labor needed to protect our environment. Getting closer to the sculpture, Ghost Island becomes the vehicle for the storytelling voices of the fisherman and sea gypsies’ communities. From various explorations and research done in Krabi and the nearby areas of such as Koh Lanta and Phi Phi, the artists were able to accumulate these stories. The artwork has made visible another geography, cartography, and collection of mythical stories which inlanders fail to recognize. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Map Office

Hong Kong

Map Office includes Laurent Gutierrez (was born in 1966, Casablanca, Morocco.) and Valérie Portefaix (was born in 1969, Saint-Étienne, France.) They are currently living and working in Hong Kong. Their mixed-media works touch the line between the physical and fictional world.

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