A Great, Correct, Elegant, Spotless and Tailored Refurbishment

A Great, Correct, Elegant, Spotless and Tailored Refurbishment


Duplicated pergola in situ with mixed materials (floor tiles, wallpaper and lights all made in China)


Only a few minutes away from the city centre, Khao Khanab Nam Cave is a very small island where both flora and fauna grow abundantly. Zhang Peili’s work challenges visitors’ expectations of finding an undisturbed natural paradise. As visitors approach the installation they are confronted with a façade that looks like a poor and dismissed house, yet its interiors have been refurbished with a luxurious and modern look. Silver paper with an elegant design runs along the four sides of the room and a sophisticated ceiling lamp delicately lights the environment. This is not the only contradiction. The outer façade hints at an old building in which one would expect to find local, everyday objects. Instead, all of the furniture was made in China and imported to transform the interiors into a boutique hotel. The two paradoxical realities, outside/inside, invite us to experience the contradictions of everyday life and to question our perceptions. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Zhang Peili


Known as the pioneer video artist of China, Zhang Peili lives in Hangzhou. He has had solo exhibitions at various international art institutions such as Museum of Modern Art (New York, 1998-99) and OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (Shenzhen, 2008).

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