Wood, iron, rope, lawn, stone, and others.


Rikuo Ueda is interested in the force of nature and the cosmic view of the world, especially in the secret world that quantum mechanics offers. Throughout his career, the artist is known for his unique practice of ‘wind drawing’. To achieve this, the artist sets up a very simple mechanism that lets nature create an artwork. On some occasions messages are also carried along with the wind. The artist feels that there seems to be no difference between life and death in quantum mechanics. This is a viewpoint shared by Buddhist and Vedic philosophies from thousand years ago. During the site visit in 2017, the artist drew a postcard using a garden leaf and the wind of Krabi. He sent the postcard to his wife, who had passed away. For the biennale, he sets up a wooden frame in the form of a house in one of the ponds at the Thanbok Koranee waterfall. During the four months of the exhibition, the wings receive wind from the waterfall and uses it to draw a reply from his wife on letter stationary. It will be written with the sound of Kinnaree plays. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Rikuo Ueda


Rikuo Ueda is a contemporary artist from Osaka. He has been known as an artist who use wind to draw on surfaces such as paper and canvas, utilizing his unique self-invited techniques.

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