Naam Yai

Naam Yai


Tori Wrånes’s practice is interdisciplinary. The artist combines music, visual arts and performance into one organic mix. Growing up in Norway, Wrånes believed in trolls, Norwegian folkloristic creatures who live in the woods. They are known for their grotesque appearance and nocturnal life. Trolls represent all spectres of being “human”: they exist beyond societal norms and linguistic structures which are hierarchical. Struck by the dramatic landscape of Phra Nang Cave and beach during her site visit, Wrånes imagines the presence of indigenous ‘Krabi creatures’ to interpose in daily life that occurs within this tourist destination. Throughout the four-month period of the biennale, Wrånes’ performances consist of two parts: an opening concert in collaboration with local musicians, featuring the artist’s vocals in dialogue with the Pi, a traditional Thai reed instrument; and the daily appearance of the Krabi creatures. Naam Yai Performance Time 2018 Oct 31st : Meet at Phra Nang Beach 16:45, performance starts 17:15 Nov 1st : Meet at Phra Nang Beach 13:30, performance starts 14:00 Nov 2nd : Meet at Phra Nang Beach 16:45, performance starts 17:15 ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Tori Wranes


Tori WRÅNES is a vocalist and artist, whose practice unfolds as performance, sculptures, videos or installations. Her use of sounds, musical instruments, costumes, props, architecture and sculptures deforms her appearance.

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