Nagabi Transferry

Nagabi Transferry


Mixed Media


Yuree Kensaku’s paintings are created from the artist’s unique hypersensitivity. Her practices are always influenced by her various lifelong phobias and allergies. Ironically she depicts her perspective of the chaotic world with colorful figurative paintings. Nagabi Transferry is a project that connects to Thalassophobia — a persistent fear of sea travel. It has been one of driving-forces behind Kensaku’s practice and one which she creatively converts into a productive force. The artist painted and decorated the cockpit of a Hua Thong boat, a local boat of Krabi. She welcomes it to be a holder of her world which is similar to what she usually does on her canvas. In addition, she also revisited the boat figurehead and its roof. Combining the long-standing tradition of boat-making with contemporary pop culture, the boat becomes a threshold of her wonderland. Invited to step on board, the audiences will appreciate Kensaku’s interpretation of Krabi folklore and her imagination of local mythical beings while traveling through the landscape of the Biennale. Nagabi, the name of the boa that combines Naga with Krabi, will be used as a transferry throughout the four months duration of the viewing period. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Yuree Kensaku


Yuree KENSAKU is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bangkok. She is known for employing vibrant colors and dark humor interpreted by cartoon characters. Her works are critical commentary on society.

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