Nobody Nose: Based on a Fake Story

Nobody Nose: Based on a Fake Story




Mayrhofer-Ohata’s new work for the first Thailand Biennale, Nobody Nose: Based on a Fake Story, is a fictional extension into the real. The artist-duo created a fictional nose-character to contaminate a small lake and its landscape with symbolic and imaginary meaning. The floating, large-scale nose sculpture plays with the search for information and implicated ethics. The myth-making object mainly addresses environmental issues, inviting the viewers to explore the artwork as a placeholder for reality. A nose sculpture keeps itself above the water. It is very simple but purified by contemplation, the winds of the heavens dance between heads and hearts. The project presents a nose imagined as a bridge between outside and inside, the edge where exchange happens, where something is breathing the breath of life. Even if one is deeply asleep or meditating at the highest level of the mind, one is always breathing. A living soul needs a mindful breath, there is a spirit who dwells in one’s soul: let it take you wherever it takes you. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่



Joseph Mayrhofer-Ohata

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Mayrhofer-Ohata is a duo-artist and poet working across Vienna, Paris, Tokyo, and across the world since 2014. The collaboration of Sayaka Ohata (Japan) and Joseph Mayrhofer-Ohata (Austria), is based on a nomadic practice mainly focused on the boundaries of reality and fiction, engaging in a playful way with society and its representations of reality.

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