Zhao Zhao explores Thai quotidian rhythms and culture through his daring installation. In the shape of a pineapple, his gilded sculpture is suspended somewhere on a natural site in Krabi. Floating in the air, with an idyllic background and sparkling under the bright sun, the work evokes parallel realms where fantasy and reality merge together. The sweet fruit is not only a catalyst for multiple and simultaneous worlds, but it stands for Thai people, culture, and everyday life. Covered by a shining golden coat that elevates it to desired object, it will be possible to spot it throughout the exhibition period. The golden pineapple invites audience to discover and it might disappear all of a sudden. The work initiates a treasure hunt, suggesting and marking the invisible presence of the precious fruit now lost. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Zhao Zhao


Zhao Zhao was born in Xinjiang, and currently lives and works in Beijing. His sculptures, paintings and installations examine the power of individual free will and the dynamics of state control.

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