Rubber Life

Rubber Life


Recently Saravudth has generated installations with art and found objects. The artist explored Krabi and has become fascinated by the industrial crop of rubber trees. Rubber farmers in Thailand have faced economic issues for quite some time. Due to extensive cultivation of rubber trees across the country, the cost estimations tend to be very low despite the difficulty of producing rubber. Working with local materials and being located within rubber tree plantations, Rubber Life emphasizes the importance and value of rubber trees by showcasing products and outcomes. The objects Saravudth chose are not random but are chosen through his research and working with local authorities who specializes in rubber. Deriving from his past practice with traditional material, this installation is also beautifully planned, but was later spontaneously altered according to the nature of the space during installation. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Saravudth Duangjampa

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Saravudth Duangjampa Was born in 1952, Bangkok. He was honored as a National Artist majoring in visual arts in 2018. His works are inspired by the relationship between an individual and the environment. Saravudth creates sculpture works from a variety of materials, both of natural and industrial materials.

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