Rumors from the Sea

Rumors from the Sea


Bamboo, flutes and various building materials


Rumors from the Sea is a site-specific sound installation inspired by the form of the bamboo seawalls used in Thailand as a simple method to battle against coastal erosion. The installation, consists of hundreds of flute devices made from bamboo, similar to the material used to slow down the current from hitting and eroding the shore. The project is a tribute to the perseverance of those communities. Simultaneously, working with students from the Baan Khlong Muang school, the artist will organise a workshop to enable each to make their own bamboo flute. These devices will be used to generate a sound composition for a bamboo-flute orchestra/ installation, played by the waves. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Félix Blume

Highlight Artist


Félix BLUME was born in Narbonne, France in 1984. His work is based on field-recordings using sound as a basic material. In his pieces, he blurs the line between sounds and music.

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