Satellites Disk

Satellites Disk


The Satellites Disk is a combination of three floating decks located in one of the distant spots of Railay Bay. Each disk consists of five small wooden Hua Tong boats that are combined to form an anise star. They are decorated in traditional multi-colored sashes, flowers and other embellishments. On top of each disk there is a platform on which audiences are welcome to use as a social and resting space. This work is another iteration of the Satellite projects that the artist has been working on for more than three years in collaboration with local artisans around Asia and Australia. It relates to a larger body of works called Another Country, which is a series of community-based work in which the artists utilized local material and craftsmanship. The satellites in Krabi connect to other ‘disks’ which create a network of public art forms that associate less with fixed identities and more toward fluctuating, renegotiable ones. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่



Alfredo Aquilizan


Alfredo Aquilizan was born in the Philippines, and are currently based in Brisbane. The artist couple’s collaborative activities evolved within the spheres of family and community.

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