Suitcase, bent metal bar


To create this work, Vladimir Arkhipov looks for "invisible" homemade, functional items that people make for themselves but the artist sees it as a sculpture, as a subject of research. He knows those objects have never been commodities, never been copied, however, they have their "authors" that time and place of their creation are known, before this, nobody knows it. They're not created as an art, for the art market, and this is why their frankness is amazing. Arkhipov aims to interact with authors, take interviews, make an archive, then exhibiting those objects as living outdoor museum. After Thailand Biennale, the exhibits will be returned to authors, thus, homemade thing twice changes their status; household items to sculptures and to household items again. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Vladimir Arkhipov

Russian Federation

Arkhipov was born in 1961, Ryazan, Russia. The artist creates works that involve with community. He is usually inspired by objects in daily life of ordinary people then connecting them to history, way of life, society and belief.

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