Through the Bones

Through the Bones


Sound Installation


* Please check schedule. For generations, local fishermen of Tha Pom in Krabi locate fish by placing their heads on a wooden oar or the belly of a wooden boat to listen. This old knowledge is practiced across different communities around the world and circulated in the stories about Greenlanders using oars to listen to whale songs. It is through bone conduction that this way of listening is possible: the sound waves made by the creatures below is carried by the water into wooden oar, sending vibrations to the skull and directly into the inner ear; a hearing mechanism that humans share with marine mammals and fish. Through the bones invites visitors to pay acute attention to the invisible and interconnected network of signs as viewers journey along the river to listen to the underwater environment through the wooden oars and boats. Guided by the local fishermen, the journey begins at Tha Pom and ends at a pavilion at the edge of the river’s mouth, looking out onto the vast expanse of the sea. There, visitors can reflect, contemplate or simply listen to the surroundings until they are taken up river before the tides gets too low. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Jana Winderen

Highlight Artist


Born in Bodø, Jana Winderen lives in work in Oslo, Norway. She focuses on audio environments and ecosystems which are hard for humans to access, both physically and aurally. Amongst her activities are immersive multi-channel sound installations and concerts which have been performed internationally in major institutions and public spaces.

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