Visions (Poda Island)

Visions (Poda Island)




KrungleviČius’ artworks creates installations, videos, and objects from the collaboration of visuals and sounds to explore the relationship between the mechanism of the human psyche and the experience generated by technology. For Thailand Biennale 2018, KrungleviČius proposes two “sound sculptures”, both are titled Vision. Vision #1 will be a 4-meter tall metal sculpture with a sound system attached and located on the beach of Poda Island. The metal sculpture of Vision #1 is inspired by the shape of a whistle. It captures the wind and produces a sound from a gentle breeze. The audience will hear the song as if it was sung by a young voice from far away. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Ignas Krunglevicious


Ignas KRUNGLEVIČIUS was born in Lithuania, currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway. In 2009, He participated in the 26th Kassel Documentary Film and Video Art Festival, where he received a Special Mention Prize.

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