A Wonderland Adventure

A Wonderland Adventure


In a touristic and tropical destination like Thailand, the local culture, food, people, as well as everyday life and legends fascinate the multitude of foreigners visiting the region every year. In A Wonderland Adventure, Lu Pingyuan looks at the country’s uniqueness and exoticness to create an adventure novel that is inspired by real individuals and sites encountered during his two visits in the last year. The plot is dynamic and develops through the mysterious protagonist’s urge to find a special medicine that is not available on the island. In order to produce this drug, Professor O.J. invites ten experts to find some rare and unusual ingredients, including the moon on the water surface, one grain of sand, etc. The story, consisting of more than ten chapters, merges reality and imagination to narrate a Thailand that is different from the accepted touristic and exotic narrative. ภาษาไทย : คลิกที่นี่


Pingyuan Lu


Lu Pingyuan lives and works in Shanghai. His works have been exhibited extensively in both national and international museums and biennales, including Shanghai and Liverpool Biennale in 2016.+

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