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Byron Bay through the Local Lens: TakeMeTour’s Review

As one of Australia’s most popular destinations, Byron Bay has a beautiful whole package of being free-spirited, creative and of course, natural. To be frank, it’s not easy to feel relaxed and uninterrupted when you wish to visit a popular place. But Byron Bay is different. With its perfect subtropical climate and the well-preserved marine life, you will enjoy a completely unique experience compared to others! Also, if you are a music nut, you can’t miss out on all the world-renowned music festivals Byron Bay has to offer! 

Can’t wait to visit this vacation paradise? Let’s take a look at the top 5 local things you will love in Byron Bay: 

Top 5 Local Things to Do in Byron Bay 

1. Sunrise at the Byron Bay Lighthouse 

The Cape Byron Lighthouse is certainly the most significant landmark of Byron Bay, which gives you the best view of Byron Bay and the horizon of the ocean. Take a 45-minute walk from Main Beach up to the lighthouse in the early morning. You’ll catch the most spectacular sunrise you would ever see. The Cape Byron Lighthouse is set at the easternmost point of Australia so you are technically at the first point to see the sun lighting up the sky with pink and orange pastel shades! What a way to start the day! 

2. Exploring all of the Byron Bay Beaches

The Main Beach is the most iconic for its hipster surfer vibe and a must-see in Byron Bay. Don’t forget about other fabulous beaches along the coast though. Starting with the Byron Lighthouse Walk, you will discover the beauty of Wategos Beach and Tallows Beach, which are ideal for a long beach walk and catching a glimpse of the whales passing by. The Pass and Belongii are also perfect for chilling and picnic on the beach. They are not crowded like the Main Beach, but also well equipped with plenty of useful facilities to spend a lovely day!  

3. Get in the water, shall we? 

Can’t sit still anymore? It’s time to go surfing, kayaking, fishing, or snorkeling out in the ocean! Byron Bay is blessed with its protected marine life due to the prohibition of commercial fishing. The Sea Kayaking Tour is one of the best ways for swimming beginners to experience the water, which you are guaranteed to see dolphins and turtles. If you are lucky, you might find humpback whales chilling out at the protected bay! Snorkeling off the Clarkes beach and surfing at the Pass is also internationally renowned. If you are new to the sport, take the surf lessons to enjoy the beach like a local.  

4. Feel the creative vibe at the local markets

A hipster town like Byron Bay means local markets are a must here. Come and explore the creativity at the Byron Bay Artisan Market and Byron Bay Market, which are the most popular and you won’t be disappointed by the creative bunch. The Byron Bay Farmers Market is another option to spend your day enjoying music and snacks under the sun! Make sure you don’t miss out on the Rainbow Shop in Byron where you can immerse yourself in tye-dye rainbow paradise! 

5. Rock out to the music festivals

This beautiful town not only offers you beautiful nature, but it also presents the globally well-known music festivals all year round. You must not miss out on the well-established Australian favourite, Splendour in the Grass, which is a loud, pulsing and busy three-day music fest. The Byron Bay Bluesfest is also well-known as the world’s biggest blues and roots performances for five days over the Easter holiday. Want something more festive? The Falls Festival is held annually around New Year’s Eve and it attracts world-renowned talent to the grassy hills! There are also events like the Boomerang Festival,  Byron Bay Guitars Festival, Writers Festival, Byron Latin Fiesta… more than you could imagine!

Need I go on with the list? Don’t worry, this is not the end of all you can do in Byron. From now on, you are THE ONE who comes to this amazing town and starts your own adventure in Byron Bay! No matter what type of adventures you desire, you will find your favourites here.