Flexible and Private Local Tours with Our Local Friends in Cebu

The eclectic energy, the friendly locals, the classical architecture, and the scrumptious food is what Cebu is known for around the world. If Cebu isn’t in your travel plans, then you might want to make some adjustments!

As the center of trade, commerce, and tourism in the Philippines, a myriad of things can be seen and done in Cebu. Being the country's oldest city, historic sites dating back from the colonial years can be yours to admire. With incredible underwater marine parks teeming with tropical sea life, you won’t be able to get enough of this charming Filipino town. With its unique experiences both on land and at sea, Cebu continues to attract travelers around the world every year. This is why you must check out these top things to see and do in Cebu! 

1.) See the Temple of Leah and Taoist Temple

If you’re into art and architecture appreciation, the Temple of Leah and Taoist Temple will leave you mesmerized. Known as Cebu’s version of the Taj Mahal, this Greek-inspired architecture is a tribute to the late Leah Albino-Adarna. Her husband, Teodorico Soriano Adarna, constructed this temple full of tresures and memories as a symbol of his undying love and devotion to his late wife. 

Meanwhile, the Taoist Temple is another must-visit attraction in Cebu. In the Beverly Hills area of Cebu, you’ll find a beautifully designed Taoist Temple. Located 300 meters above sea level, you’ll be greeted with beautiful views of the island. Once you reach the temple, be sure to wash your hands and take off your shoes before entering! 

2.) See Magellan's Cross

While Filipinos consider Ferdinand Magellan as a villain in Philippine's history, the Magellan’s Cross is considered as one of the most important historical landmarks in Cebu. This significant piece of history was established upon Ferdinand Magellan’s order to mark his arrival to the Philippines. Moreover, Magellan's Cross acts as a reminder on the birth of Christianity in the Philippines.


3.) Visit the Oldest Church in The Philippines 

The oldest Catholic Church in the Philippines is located right here in Cebu!

Founded in 1565, Basilica del Santo Niño still brings many locals to worship on a daily basis. This Catholic Church holds a regular mass where families and come to practice their faith. Have a walk though the church halls to see ancient paintings, gorgeous archways, stained glass windows, and overall, a piece of architecture that is mind-blowing. The image of the Santo Niño has great significance to Catholics, as it was a gift from Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana, who were the first locals to be baptized on the island. 

4.) Swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob

In Oslob, Cebu, you can get up close with the gentle giants known as whale sharks (Locally known as ‘tuki’). The biggest fish in the world are right off the coast of the Philippines. Although they are called “sharks”, these gentle beasts are far from what you may imagine. 

These particular Whale Sharks are considered wild, but instead of migrating to warmer waters in particular parts of the year, they stick around as the fishermen continue to feed them plankton. That means this that you can swim with whale sharks in any time of year you visit.

5.) Go Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls 

Canyoneering through the turquoise waters down the canyons into Kawasan Falls is another one of the most popular activities you can enjoy on the island. 

Kawasan Falls is one of the most popular and most visited spots in Cebu. Kawasan Falls are located in Badian, near Moalboal, another popular tourist hotspot in Cebu. Kawasan Falls is the perfect spot to enjoy canyoneering, as well as other activities such as swimming, climbing, hiking, cliff diving and so much more!

6.) Island Hop and Snorkel Around Cebu 

Cebu is surrounded by plenty of beautiful smaller islands with stunning white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Here in Cebu, you can enjoy a whole day swimming and snorkeling to two of the best islands near Cebu, the first being the Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary. There are numerous famous dive spots, and it's well known for snorkeling & fish feeding. On the other hand, Pandanon Island is one of the best island in nearby Bohol with its crystal clear waters and pristine white sand beach perfect for swimming on a relaxing day out. 

7.) Swing By to Bohol

If you're looking to venture out a little further from Cebu, swing by to Bohol for a day to experience nature at its finest, and go on a little adventure. 

In Bohol, you can see the world’s famous Chocolate Hills, pet the Tarsiers, and have an encounter with a python. Not only that, but you can dine while cruising along the Loboc River, gliding the along from one end to the other. 

This is your chance for a more laid-back day you can't miss! 

Cebu is definitely among one of the most charming cities around with so many amazing things to do, and hidden gems to be discovered. However, our team of friendly Local Experts will help you do just that not only in Cebu, but also in other cities in Manila! Don't forget to check out more of our local experiences in Manila below!