Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, covering the area of 576 sq.m., located in the Andaman sea on the west coast of Thailand. It started to attract visitors since the ending of mining era. This mountainous island is rich in culture and natural beauty. The beautiful beaches and diving spots around Phuket are why Phuket is a destination to many. What tourists usually miss out are the local living and inland beauty. Phuket is a lot more than a tourist trap. See our top choices below: 

More than sightseeing to main attractions, Phuket is also a house to many communities with their own history, cultures and believes. Thai Buddhists are the majority of this island's population, whose culture is often a blend between southern Thai and Chinese. Another large community is the Muslim who often reflect their belief through agricultural products, food, and lifestyle. The small minority is the Moken, a historically sea nomad of which some have settled on the Phuket shore for fishery. They have special skills for fishing and free-diving while many own lobster farms.