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One of the most popular attractions in Battambang, the Bamboo Train is truly a unique attraction in Cambodia. A bamboo board is laid on top of a cart that’s attached to a motor engine, which can then run on the train tracks.

Called ‘norry’ by the locals, it was originally invented to transport both people and goods in the early 1990s along the northern railroad, as Cambodia was recovering from the fall of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime and subsequent civil war. To operate the train along the tracks, a wooden pole is used to control the brakes and speed. The train could travel up to 50km/h. 

Nowadays, the bamboo train is mainly a tourist attraction taking travelers on a refreshing ride through the countryside. The original train track was shut down for a while to make way for actual trains to run through, although it’s since made a comeback. 

About 20 kilometres from the city, there is also a new line for the bamboo train starting at the base of Phnom Banan, traveling a distance of four kilometres and ending at Chhoeuteal commune. At the end of the trip, you also have a chance to explore Banan temple and enjoy the scenic views. 

Rides at both the old and new bamboo train cost $5 for foreigners. 

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