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Traveler's Review


Cintia S.


Mr. Sinchai was very knowledgeable, carefully with our needs and gave us a lot of explanations about the local history and very good tips of food, shopping and anything else that we asked for. It was the best tour since we arrived here!! Must be seen!!



Kristen L.

United States

The waterfall itself is beautiful and a lot of fun to climb, but what makes the experience better is having Piangduan there with you! She was ready to answer any question I had and helped me feel comfortable climbing around. She pointed out which areas were slippery and where a better route for me to climb would be, but you’re also free to just climb around and explore on your own! She also took tons of photos for me and lunch was great with mango sticky rice for desert! I highly recommend this tour!


Gerard Nicolson

Gerard Nicolson C.

United States

Albert was professional, and understanding. He took the time to teach us about the Thai culture and even offered and extra tour after his time ended (of course we had to pay for the final temple) but Albert was great all throughout.



Cassandra C.

United States

Our guide was amazing. We got a true experience from a local! If we had known sooner and had more time we would have done this everyday.



Helena S.


Tom put a lot of effort planning the trip we wanted, as we had only one day in Bangkok! We wanted to go to the floating Market and see the main temples in Bangkok and we managed to do it all. We also had a great food experience with his recomendations!


Rui Pedro

Rui Pedro O.


We had a great trip. Tom let us follow our one time and interests, and we whenever we wanted to spend more time in one place or go faster, but kept the time organized so we could have time for everything. And he was flexible to respond to what we wanted to do. we loved it!



Xaviere T.


Informative tour on the country’s culture and history. I enjoyed myself a lot and Nui has been an awesome guide as usual.



Dante H.

United States

Guide was super knowledgeable about the tour and took me everywhere. Enjoyed a good lunch after. Finished buying souvenirs



Amiah W.

United States

Naphat is definitely the best tour guide we have ever had! She offered to pick us up early from our hotel to beat the crowds at the falls, which was perfect to have time to enjoy them and take photos by ourselves before everyone else came for the day. When we arrived she showed us how to safely climb up and down the falls, and took some amazing photos of us right away so we could enjoy the rest of the day playing. She packed us an amazing local lunch and taught us how to eat it Thai-style. Overall this was our favorite day in Chiang Mai, not only because the falls were so much fun but because Naphat took such good care of us and went above and beyond to make sure we enjoyed every moment. Book with this sweet, fun lady right now!


Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip.

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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip. Learn More.

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