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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip.

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Who is the Local Expert?

Local Expert is like your local friend who love to show you around & share local stories with you during the most friendly & flexible trip. Learn More.

Traveler's Review


Claudia A.

United States

Nui was an awesome guide and super flexible. We had a flight and had to change plans so she took us to the zoo instead. Nui even drove us home to make sure we made it to the airport in time. Super grateful for Nui and we definitely recommend her!


bin li

bin li N.


Best was really patient and friendly with us though we were unexpectedly late for almost an hour. This tour is a simple but fulfilling one. Be sure to go there on an empty stomach to try as many of the delicacies as possible!



Mattia B.


Thanks to Anuchat. He was a perfect expert and a helpfull guide. Many thanks!



Nadia F.


My 5 year old son really enjoy the boat riding and watching the fireflies. Overall, its a good trip for a family with small kid



betazone8 L.


Jekky was warm and friendly, she shared information willingly and was able to banter with my 2 kids



Dylan A.

United States

My guide Chawana is awesome! He took me around Bangkok to just about every major wat in the central part of the city, going way above and beyond what the tour advertised! We even got to go to a couple of his favorite local Thai food spots, where he ordered some yummy dishes I had never seen before! Great experience. Great guy!



kristine Y.

United States

We had a very nice time with Bodeesorn. We thoroughly enjoyed the market and the local vibe you wouldn't be able to achieve at the other larger markets with larger groups. He is also a very light hearted, genuinely kind person.



Melanie K.


Kanokrat is a very lovely host. We enjoyed out trip a lot.




United Kingdom

Pranuwat met me as arranged at the BTS station and then we drove to the academy while he explained some of the background of Thai army system and his life there (I was at the UK military academy 20 years ago so it was interesting for me to learn the similarities and differences) His brother was driving us - and is also a serving officer in the Thai army - so it was a very military operation indeed. Upon arrival we saw some academic classes run for the local schoolchildren by the Officer Cadets themselves - what a fantastic idea and how generous of them to give up their weekend to pass something on to the younger generations! We also experienced the shooting range, archery, and visited the academy museum and some other buildings. During a delicious lunch (very happy it was not army food!) Pranuwat even invited some other cadets to join us so we had the chance to ask questions and learn more about their lives. Probably the most impressive thing for me was what a great ambassador Pranuwat is for the academy and Thai army in general. Polite, charming and with excellent English. I happily recommend this tour for anyone with any interest in military history or even the Thai royal family and some of the key culture which shapes the Kingdom to this day.


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