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Travelling in Thailand, there are endless things to do in day time. But we are not going to lie, there are even more at night! Visiting Bangkok, it is almost impossible to admit that you have never heard about its crazy night life. So would it not be cool to spend your evening like you have never done before ? Taste some bugs and beer. Get soaked in the wild nightlife at “Khaosan Road”, then drink and dance like the locals do!

Khaosan originally means milled rice. No wonder, the area used to be Bangkok’s major rice market since 1892. However, after Bangkok celebrated its 200 years anniversary of being Thailand's capital, a vast number of tourists started to visit the area and guest houses exceedingly popped up. These days, the street is widely known as the backpacker hood and a place for some rowdy nights out. There are countless jolly things to do on this super busy road, especially when the drinks are starting to kick in. But here is what we suggest you should not miss to locally celebrate your holidays. 

From the entrance of Khaosan Road, you can see a row of street food stalls. But, why is it worth mentioning? If you closely look at each stand, you will be striked by the food you hardly see elsewhere. The edible insects are the must-tries. There are all sorts of bugs from fried worms, caterpillars, beetles, to cricket. But, if you want a badge of honour from your friends, take a bite on the crunchy deep-fried scorpion! Once you have tried this creepy (but tasty) snack, you know you are going to survive getting lost in the jungle. Prepared to fill yourself up for a long night with the famous “Pad Thai” authentically made on the charcoal stove. Sit back on a little wooden table or enjoy the noodles while walking along the street.

On a budget trip? Khaosan Road is definitely the place. Here you can get the drinks for cheap. And, we do not mean just a pint of local beer, but also cocktails and every sort of fancy drink. You can start with a chill-out vibe on the hippie outdoor bars with live bands. And, if you decide that a sleepless night is the way to go, check out the upbeat clubs. Whether you want to hit the dance floor with an EDM or even Jazz music, this street has it all. Feel free to pop in and out as much as you want, since most of the places have no entrance fee.

Having a party out in this wild street can be super fun. But, be aware that you do need some safety tips on a dizzy blast night. Make sure to watch your own drinks and only tipple from your friends. Get an authentically fun night with our Local Experts who will guide you to the coolest hidden spots and make sure you are safely home!

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To start your quirky evening, enjoy the nearby street of ChinaTown and hop on a Tuk Tuk ride to see the shining night lights. Taking a long walk on the lively Khaosan street can tire your legs out. Stop for a short relaxing Thai massage, starting from 200THB hourly! For those who are not easily ticklish, try the famous fish spa. Here, dip your feet in a small tank while waiting for the doctor fish to help with your pedicure. And if your night goes beyond just a few drinks, wait to see the local ritual of alm giving in the early morning. You can join in by offering food or necessities for the monks.

Let’s go grab some beers and have a boozy night out!

Nights Out at Khaosan Road