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One of the best areas to explore in Kampot town is the Old Market, also known as Phsar Kronat. The retro market was built in the 1930s but was abandoned, only reopening in recent years. The market is nestled near the Kampot River, and houses both a traditional market and lifestyle shops. You can find many cool souvenirs and clothing shops, cafes and eateries lining the market. 

Inside the market, take a stroll to find the Indochina Gecko Shop Souvenirs for vintage art collections, souvenirs and clothing. If you’re looking to try out the famous local Kampot Pepper, be sure to stop by The Pepper Shop as well. There, you can choose from a wide selection of Kampot Pepper to spice up your cooking or gift it to friends.  

The area around the Old Market is also fun to explore. Just next to the Old Market is Dorsu, a boutique clothing store focused on skills-training and improving the livelihood of the locals. For fashionistas looking to shop, you can find a variety of handmade women’s clothing and accessories to suit your taste. If you’re looking for something more vintage, try Open Space to the south of the Old Market. 

Another great spot to check out is Kepler’s Kampot Books, where you can while away the time browsing new and second-hand books. Some cool souvenirs are also on sale. 

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