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Do you want to travel though time? Are you a history enthusiast? Or do you just detest the bustling crowd of the Bangkok and in need of a place to chill out and relax? If you can answer all three or any of these questions, Baan Kudichin Museum is the right place for you. 

Located in the historical neighborhood of Kudichin along the Chao Phraya River, it tells the history of Portugal–Thailand relations not only through display but the atmosphere as well. It also features a café with an affordable price as well. Sounds like a good idea to visit this unique historical place when in Bangkok, right? 

Historically, the neighborhood surrounding the museum was granted to Portuguese and Christian converts by King Taksin the Great. Thus, it predates Bangkok itself. Meanwhile, the 3-stories house had been constructed 80 years ago. The owner’s descendants decided to convert it into a free-entry museum. 

The cheapest way to get there is to start from Victory Monument, take the BTS to Saphan Taksin Station, proceed to Atsadang Pier in order to take the ferry to Wat Kalayanamit Pier. Walk along the left, and you will be greeted by the historic neighborhood of Kudichin. 

In order to get to the Museum from the pier, you can find a way to the Santa Cruz Church since the museum is on the left of the church. As you indulge yourself in the atmosphere of your surroundings, you will see a three-story house with a rooster sign in front, as the rooster is the national animal of Portugal. When you arrive at the museum, you should see a lovely café and a small souvenir shop where the decorations to the food served are Portuguese influenced. The second floor tells the history of the Portuguese in Thailand from their arrival to the establishment of the neighborhood. Proceeding to the third floor, this floor features portraits and other household items. And finally, the fourth floor or the roof gallery invites you to see the magnificent rooftop view of the neighborhood. 

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This place is a hidden gem to both Thais and tourists alike. It is a chance to experience one of the chapters in the complex history of Thailand first-hand. So, come and absorb the unique history here at Baan Kudichin Museum!