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Baan Mai Market is an old traditional market located in Chachoengsao province near Bangkok. The market is on the river side of the Bang Pakong River, and has been established since the reign of King Rama V. Nowadays, Baan Mai Market is a retro market selling all sorts of food and souvenirs.

In the olden days, there were many groups of Chinese settlers such as the Hokkien Chinese, Chaozhou (Teochew) and Chinese Hakka that lived around here. At that time, the major transportation routes relied on the Bang Pakong River, so rowing boats, gondolas, and regular passenger boats moved around here all day. Nowadays, it is a market selling retro souvenirs, traditional toys, traditional ice cream and also a whole range of delicious food. There, you can also find various sweets and classic Thai snacks. For food, you can find a lot of Chinese food, Thai food, traditional noodles, and traditional coffee shops. Moreover, the building and houses show the ancient styles of the past and are located near the riverside.

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Traveling to Baan Mai Market is convenient. There are many available ways to get there by driving. Public transportation is available too. Those who like shopping, eating or just checking out ancient buildings. If you are the person who loves ancient Thai traditions, you should not miss visiting Baan Mai Market, especially with a local friend!