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If you’re the type of person who likes studying about war history, we’ve got a place for you, and it’s called Bang Rachan Memorial Park! This place focuses on the Thai heroes and their sacrifices made during the Ayutthaya period. This very park was built to be a memorial of the courage and the heroism of the Ayutthaya warriors. 

The story of Bang Rachan is that it was a self-defense camp for the villagers of Sing Buri and the towns that have taken refuge from the Burma Army in Bang Rachan. Before the second Ayutthaya loss able to resist the attacks of the Burma Army. There are many times with a reputation of courage in Thai history. 

This park comprises of monuments of old villagers, and also a study center. The exhibition inside is divided into 4 exhibition rooms, first of which is the “Biographies of Bang Rachan Heroes”. The second and third exhibition room is "Sing Buri in the Past" which displays historical records and archaeological excavations pictures of appliances, history, and evolution in each era. The last exhibition room is about the way of life along the river, where a walkway is divided into a bridge, so you can walk back to see life along the banks during the olden days. 

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This place is opened daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most importantly, there is no entrance fee, so you can enjoy the experience of Bang Rachan Memorial Park free of charge! We recommend you not to forget to take your family or friends to travel back in time to the olden days at least once, and it’s even better with a local friend showing you around!