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Bang Saen Beach is a very well-known beach around the Gulf of Thailand. It is in Chon Buri and it has been very popular for a long time because it is near Bangkok. You can visit Bang Saen Beach by driving for an hour from Bangkok. Thus, it is a place for many Bangkokians to spend their holidays. 

The beach and white sand, with the cement pavement, surrounded by seafood shops. During the day, the range of coconut trees provides cool and pleasant, and not so crowded. You can walk or rent a bicycle to travel around the beach. Evenings can get a little more crowded due to people visiting to see the sunset view. 

Bang Saen Beach is divided into 2 main parts. There is the northern part called “Bang Saen Nuea Beach”. The southern part is called “Bang Saen Tai Beach” next to “Won Napa Beach”. Bang Saen Nuea is a little more crowded from the shops, food shops, and tourists. While Bang Saen Tai or Won Napa Beach is quite peaceful, and fewer tourists. This is also one of the places to spot the sunset at the end of the day.

TakeMeTour's Review

You can easily drive only an hour from Bangkok to Chon Buri. You can also take the passenger van for 110 Baht from Ekkamai Station, by telling the driver to stop at Bang Saen Beach. However, you can avoid all that hassle altogether by going with a Local Expert. Not only he/she will show you the best spots around town, but also provide you a comfortable and relaxing car ride. Living the city can be exhausting and energy-draining, so it might be good to spend time with yourself surrounded by the golden sunshine and the sea waves. You will definitely be refreshed again!