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If you are someone who loves to challenge by going into the unknown but don’t want to risk your life doing it. Thailand is home to more than 100 cave complexes dotting the entire country, and several of those are open to the public. Chiang Dao Cave is one of those caves, located in Chiang Mai if you are already spending your holiday in Chiang Mai, why not take a day off to explore Chiang Dao Cave. 

Located in Northern Thailand, it would take around 2 hours to get there from Chiang Mai City. There are 2 ways to get there: Firstly, take the bus from the Northern bus station in Chiang Mai. Or, you can drive a personal vehicle from Chiang Mai, you don’t have to be worried about getting lost since the is quite straight forward. Once you get there, you will be shocked by the well-maintained exterior of Chiang Dao Cave with a little pond and little temple. However, you will be fascinated by the contrast when you find some ancient, neglected Buddha statues with some vegetation, showing that nature would always take over. 

When you arrive at Chiang Dao Cave, it is essential to wear something, shoes that can hold to slippery surfaces and buy a bottle of water since you have to climb up some slippery stairs to get the cave entrance. You will pass two small shrines at the entrance; you will need a guide to continue since the rest of the way is dark. The guide fee is 200 baht, 100 for the gas lamp and 100 baht for the guide. The guide will take you to through caves underground. There will be a point where you must crawl through small spaces. Despite the treacherous sound, you won’t believe your eyes how visually amazing this cave is filled with rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites. The outside of Chiang Dao Cave has some extraordinary view: a pond in which you can feed the fish if you wish and a temple for you to enjoy. 

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Our earth has an unexplored world underneath its surface. However, in order to explore them requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and bravery. Public caves offer you the chance to feel a sense of uncertainty and exploration. So, why not try something different and let’s explore these caves.