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Farm, ice cream, entertaining shows, and outdoor activities? And in Thailand? Look no further than Chokchai Farm! Located in the Khao Yai part of Nakhon Ratchasima, it is the largest farm in the country. This place has incorporated the whole western wild west cowboy concept. With cowboys, cowgirls, gunslinging shows, super breed cows, outdoor activities and ice cream, a visit to this popular place is a must if you want to stay near Bangkok for your holidays.

Chokchai Farm started life when Khun Chokchai Bulakul purchased small farmland in Pak Chong in 1957. The farm was originally a beef cattle business, but due to difficulties, it had to change to a dairy farm. The farm would go through a rebranding, a repositioning and a rejuvenation process to be the Chokchai Farm we know today. When you visit during the holidays such as Christmas and New Year, you’ll most likely see an abundance of tourists since this place is a popular and well-known tourist destination near Bangkok.

One of the main features of the farm is the Chokchai Farm Agro Tour, where you’ll get a chance to enjoy hands-on experiences on the actual farm while learning about the daily life of dairy farmers. You’ll be engaged in creative activities that will help enrich the connections individuals and families have with the land, promote wellbeing, and remind us all of the traditional Thai livelihood: agriculture. 

Once you are done with the activities, another recommended attraction is the Chokchai Steakhouse. Their high-quality beef and other meats, this restaurant is a must for steak lovers.

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There is no other place in Thailand that could offer the same all-rounded experience as Chokchai Farm. If you would like to experience a touch of the Wild West, you should give Chokchai Farm a visit for a day!