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Southern Thailand has always been vastly known for its beach paradise. But no, this is not the only thing the south is offering for you. At Hat Yai, the largest town in Songkhla, you will unmask another side of Thailand, filled with cultural diversity and the mixture between the old and the new. This vast area of land provides you with all sorts of activities that you may never have seen somewhere else, so come and experience them yourselves.

Talking about Songkhla, it is more than common that Hat Yai Municipal Park will pop up in the convos. This beautifully decorated recreational park is the heart of the locals’ minds when thinking about a relaxing weekend. Located less than 20 minutes away from the city centre, you will come across a 1 square kilometre park filled with loads of activities for you to choose. Entering Hat Yai Municipal Park, you will come across the exquisite pavilion in the middle of the pond. Here, you will see the endless visits of the locals. So join them and discover the religious side of the city! 

Now, the super-fascinating highlights are waiting for you to explore. Hat Yai Municipal Park’s astronomy observatory is a must-visit. Here, walk through the 4 zones science centre, and learn more about our planets. Inside, you will find a great range of activities, from astronomy theater, planetary dome, to exhibitions. It’s a perfect place if you need some fun-swap from a serene surrounding. And yes, the cooler thing is that, if you visit the observatory on the day with celestial phenomena like solar eclipse, the place usually holds special events. So, if you are lucky enough, you might find a totally different experience compared to the usual days.

Don’t forget to have a chill walk along the aviary and take a glimpse at the stunning statue of King Rama V. Here, you can find the shady silvan path decorated with an endless number of bells, making it such a perfect place to have a short-stop and cherish the peaceful atmosphere. Yes, we all know that Thailand is the Land of Buddhism, so we shall take this to the fullest level. Walking further, you will find Phra Mongkol Maharaj, one of the largest Buddha images found in Southern Thailand. This 25 metres tall Buddha statue is looking over the scenic view of Hat Yai and Songkhla from the hill-top, so come embrace the first-rated panoramic landscape.

Of course, if you’d love to explore more of the religious aspect of the south, you definitely need to visit the elegant Songkhla Central Mosque. Here, stroll along what’s so called “Hat Yai Taj Mahal” and discover the religious diversity of Thailand. Yes, apart from absorbing the serenity of the place, you will certainly come back home with a stunning snapshot in front of the large crystal clear pond at front.

Hat Yai and Songkhla is a perfect destination for a chilling travel escape. So much is provided to its visitors, whether it’s a lively city life or a tranquil vibe on the outskirts. The city is easily accessed through private and public transportation, however, you may need a little bit of help from the locals since the city is not a super-popular travel spot compared to the famous beachside. Let our Local Experts who know best guide you to the best hidden spot few people had seen!

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Hat Yai Municipal Park opens daily from 9AM-8PM with the entrance fee of only 20THB, so you don’t need to be an early bird to visit the park. Going on a walk through every bit of the park would take you quite a time, if you’d love to see the view from atop without sweating on the way, take a lovely cable car ride which will drop you off at Phra Mong Maharaj area. Looking for some fun activities to brighten up your day? Just a 10 minutes-drive away, you can try delicious local food at the super-authentic Khlong Hae Floating Market.

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