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Jim Thompson is an American entrepreneur who founded the James H.W. Thompson Foundation. He has dedicated to the development of Thai Silk industry so hard that he received an award for the Order of the White Elephant. It is an award given to foreigners who have done exceptional great service to Thailand. 

Thompson is also known for his disappearance in 1967 when he went to the Malaysian Cameron Highlands for a quiet holiday and no one ever heard from him again.  

Considered as one of the hidden gems in Bangkok, Jim Thompson Museum is a heaven for those interested in Bangkok’s international arts and cultural communities. This museum provides various exhibitions, the Center’s activities including events, parties, seminars, lectures, and workshops that you could join as you wish. 

Once you step into Jim Thompson Museum, you will find 6 traditional Thai-style teak houses, some of which you won’t believe is as old as 150 years! Three of them are still exactly the same as their originals, including the details of the outstanding interior layout. If you are an antique lover, you should not miss visiting these houses. The museum can be divided broadly into 4 main categories, which are: sculptures, paintings, porcelain, and painted pottery, and other collectible items. Make sure that you see the highlight of artifacts like the cat-shaped male urinal with a removable head and the frog-shaped Bidet. 

Furthermore, since Jim Thompson is also a major collector of Southeast Asian arts, you will find a huge collection of historical Buddhist statues, and Thai paintings made from different materials such as wood, paper, and cloth that depict the life of Buddha and the interesting legend of Vessantara Jakata.  

You might expect to see the unexpected masterpieces here since Thompson collected artworks from Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and also the 16th-century blue porcelain from China. Also, the combination of these six traditional Thai-style houses were all constructed from wood and various old Thai structures that were collected from all parts of Thailand in the 1950s and 1960s. Thus, we’re sure that you must be stunned with every piece of the art of these houses! 

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The Jim Thompson House is a rare example of a perfect-conditioned traditional Thai house. Inside, they provide exceptional Thai food and drinks with a peaceful garden view within this chaotic city. 


The Jim Thompson Museum is also easy to reach. Take the BTS to the National Stadium Skytrain Station, and the museum is north of the station. However, it will be much easier if you have a local friend from the area to show you around the museum for a day!