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If you want to travel by train to experience something different in Thailand, Khun Tan Tunnel might be one of the most interesting destinations for you! Khun Tan Railway Station is the highest railway station on the Northern line from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It is part of Khun Tan National Park around the railway station area. About 200 meters from the railway station lies Khun Tan Tunnel which is the longest railway tunnel in Thailand between Lampang province and Lamphun province. It was built in 1907 and completed in 1918. It took 11 years and remains in daily use.

Khun Tan Tunnel is cut through solid granite. The Royal State Railway of Thailand blasted and drilled the tunnel through Doi Khun Tan (Khun Tan National Park) to connect Lampang and Lamphun provinces. The workers were Chinese laborers and Thai laborers from the Northeast. Its construction was controlled by a German railway engineer named Mr. Emile Eisenhofer. 

Another well-known fact is that the Khun Tan Tunnel has another name called the “Cemetery of Laborers” because more than 1,000 workers lost their lives during the construction due to accidents, tigers and malaria. However, the project was accomplished in 1918 and the tunnel was opened for service.

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Nowadays, the tunnel entrance is very popular as a backdrop for selfies. Many express trains and freight trains pass through this railway tunnel. You can reach also visit the park, as there are restaurants, restrooms. So, come with our Local Experts in Lamphun to check out what Khun Tan Tunnel has to offer!