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How could anyone miss getting sun-kissed at the beach heaven when traveling to Thailand ? Along this stunning coastline of the Land of Smile, located so many beaches you cannot even count. Choosing where to spend your relaxing tropical day is then very challenging. But, if you are looking for a short-haul trip after a stop in Bangkok, Koh Samui can offer you the island paradise at your fingertips. Just 1 hour flight from the capital, you can uncover the enchantment of the crystal clear sea and lines of palm trees. With less spending, you can still enjoy a chilling sea & sand day with countless activities for you to experience! 

Still, there are over 40 beaches along this 50 kilometres coastline of Koh Samui. So, what are the best ones then? Chaweng beach is definitely on the top list. Being known for its powdery white sand and lively nightlife, Chaweng is the most visited beach in Samui. Of course, there are not so many rocky bits, so it is a perfect place for you to swim. Jet Skis and speedboats are there offshore, if you need some heart-pounding activities. Rambling along the coast, you will find stacks of local restaurants for you to charge up whilst taking a little break from swimming. 

But, if you are searching for somewhere more peaceful to spend your city break, La Mai beach might be your choice. At this largest resort beach, you can relish numerous water sports and tropical adventures while coming across less crowds.

Of course, having a beach get away does not mean you have to literally sunbathe the whole day. Getting on a flight is a hefty deal, you surely do not want to skip the most exotic places found nowhere! Here, all sorts of activities are provided for you. Coming to the land of Buddhism, you probably will visit the temples, but how about going somewhere a bit more extra? At Wat Phra Yai, stands the landmark “Big Buddha”. This 12 metres tall statue was built in 1972, and is the biggest Buddha image in southern Thailand. If you would love to see the Big Buddha a bit closer, walk up the 60 steps Naga stair, the beautifully decorated mythical serpent. From there, you can appreciate the charm of Koh Samui and the nearby Koh Phangan from the top. 

After a long day exploring the island, get some refreshing drinks and spoil yourself with a local shopping spree! In the evening, take a chill walk along the famous Fisherman’s Village Walking Street. Here, you can absorb the historical aspect of Bophut beach through rustic style buildings and rows of boutique shops. Vendors are selling numerous local ware and art products. And yes, you cannot have a holiday on an island without cool outfits. At this walking street, you will find countless shops selling clothes for only 100THB. So, grab the whole pile and choose later! And, if you need some delicious bites to fill up your stomach, you are in the right place. There are endless street food stalls with a price that is way cheaper than any other places, so popping in and out for some food tasting is a can-do. We suggest you don’t miss the fresh seafood especially the cockles and steamed crab. You can also sit down for a proper meal at the cliff’s edge restaurant to cherish the sound of ocean waves to make your night more special.

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If you have a chance to walk around the temple grounds when visiting the Big Buddha, do not miss a chance to hit the large golden gong with the wooden mallet. Locals believe this will bring good fortune and make your wishes come true! We suggest you spice up your night with a fun show after visiting Fisherman’s village. Get your tickets and enjoy the Paris Follies Cabaret, one of the most spectacular dance shows from the amazing Thai ladyboys. The performances are scheduled nightly at 8PM, 9.30PM, and 11PM. Join the earlier show, if you come as a family, or join the latter if you want to heat yourself up! Deciding to have a long holiday here? We recommend you to visit the nearby Koh Tao for a scuba dive and see the stunning coral reefs. Take a glimpse at the world from a different perspective with us!