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“Doi Mon Jam” or just “Mon Jam” is a place where you can get a cold breeze and stand closely at the fog. You can stay overnight or 1-day trip as you want. Mon Jam is part of Nong Hoi Royal Project, a project to grow winter plants which are mostly fresh vegetables and strawberries.

So why should you come to Mon Jam? We have the answers for you!

- Mon Jam has many spots for you to visit, such as Doi Mon Jam, Flower Fields, Strawberry Farm, Elephant Camp, Cafe, Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, Jungle Coaster Zipline, etc.

- It has all the accommodation, eating, traveling, nature, and having fun together.

- Mon Jam is popular because it is in the middle of nature. 

There is cold wind all year, there is a sea of ​​mist and everything is not expensive.

-The clothes of the native people in Mon Jam are available for you to change and wear to take cool pictures!

- See the authentic lives of the people on the hill, you definitely can't find this in the city!

Mon Jam is divided into many more “Mon”. The word “Mon” means a hilltop or a hill. You will find a variety of Mon such as Mon Ing Dao, Mon Ngam, Mon Mong, etc. Each Mon will have different charms.

TakeMeTour's Review

We recommend you all to come to Chiang Mai if you want to escape city life to see nature that is not far away. Mon Jam is the perfect spot which has everything you want to see!