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Here at Nakhon Nayok , relax your mind as you indulge in your surroundings, the lush green vegetation, the fresh air, and the clean water. If you are already planning a trip to the Nakhon Nayok or Khao Yai, why not put the stunning Nang Rong Waterfall into your list. Nang Rong Waterfall is one of Thailand's stunning waterfalls, offering you an escape to a laid-back vibe. This might make your new favorite destination like it is ours.

Nang Rong Waterfall is a three-tiered waterfall located in Hin Tang Subdistrict and considered part of the Khaoyai National Park. Before entering the Waterfall, you will come across Palat Chang Shrine, a statue deliberately sculpted from Pudding-pine Tree. Locals, usually visit to pay respect as they believe Palat Chang Shrine is the protector of the area. So, stop by at the shrine like the locals do! The waterfall also features a guesthouse for those who would like to stay overnight. After a long journey up Khao Yai, at the main parking area, there are restaurants, coffee shops and stalls selling swimsuits, inflatables, and others. The main attraction, the waterfall itself contains three-tiered with each tier featuring small pools perfect for splashing. These waters come directly from Khao Yai, so it is clean, safe and all-natural. Plus, the waterfall is perfect for families since there are shallow pools along the edge of the river where young children can play safely.

Getting there is easy if you have a car and easier if you are already travelling in Nakhon Nayok, you can drive from the town toward the foothill of Khao Yai, the journey will take you around 20 minutes, and since Nakhon Nayok is located near Bangkok, it is possible to drive here as well from Bangkok which would take around two hours. The entrance fee for the national park is only 10THB for a visitor. 

However, if you want to enjoy your adventurous day to the fullest, there are plenty more activities for you! Go on a fun ATV ride. Have fun cherishing the scenic view of the valley while being on a 6 kilometres ATV track rarely visited by the tourists. So, it’s your chance to explore the hidden spots! What can’t be missed? Hop on the white water rafting and head down Nakhon Nayok River and enjoy the cool breeze from nature. 

The natural beauty of Nang Rong Waterfall is guaranteed to even make the most-stressed people relax. There are numerous waterfalls in Thailand, too many to count. Those waterfalls are waiting to be visited and explored. If you would like to start your waterfall exploring journey, Nang Rong Waterfall is a good starting point.

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If you need a more serene time with wilderness, we suggest you visit Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam. Here, from the world’s largest concrete dam, you can see the stunning city of Khao Yai and Nakhon Nayok. But, if you are looking for something more colorful, don’t miss the Maneesorn Sunflower Field. Just a few steps away from the main road, you can enjoy taking endless photos with the backdrop of a spacious hill full of flowers. You can also try the homemade food and product freshly made! If you are not sure where to start your journey with, make sure to get some friendly help from the locals!

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