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Talking about the waterfall on Doi Inthanon, many people will think of the well-known places like Wachirathan Waterfall. But did you know that they’re all a part of a nature trail? Now, we’re going to tell you why you should list this place into your travel plans. 

Pha Dok Siew Trail has become a more popular destination over the years. It’s an Eco-tourism place that convinces many tourists to see the 7-story waterfall among Pha Dok Siew Trail. If you see numerous Dok Siew flowers, it means that you have arrived. It is the present from nature for any travelers, that’s why you shouldn’t wait any longer to release your exhaustion in the clear and cool water!  

But if you think that this is all that you’re going to see, you’re quite wrong because this nature trail will lead you to a rare community, which is Mae Klang Luang village of Payakeryor tribe. Once you’re there, you’ll see local handicraft products, green terraced rice fields, and you’ll also taste organic coffee of Mae Klang Luang that has its iconic smell from roasting.  

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You can drive along on the motorway number 108 to Doi Inthanon. When you arrive, the real fun starts from the very first step through the 2.6 kilometers trail. You will be surrounded by various rare natural plants, enjoy the smell of the forest, and take a breath of fresh air. Afterwards, you might even think that 2 hours of walking in Pha Dok Siew Trail might not be enough to impress all of them.  Are all of these reasons enough for you to list Pha Dok Siew Trail in your plans? Let us know by going with a local friend!