If you are looking for clothing materials or are into the clothing industry, Phahurat, or Bangkok's Little India is the place you cannot miss out. Even if you are not looking for something in specific, Phahurat is still a fun place to visit and see what great offers they have. You can visit Phahurat Fabrics Market every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

The challenge is to find it by walking through some small alleys and other stores. You will know immediately that this is the place you're looking for after you get there. There are thousands of wholesale shops and retail shops that run by Indian people. You can enjoy spending time and check out all the things they have here.

People usually find Phahurat Market a maze because of its narrow lanes that only fit for only one person to walk. This is actually a very typical Indian neighborhood market since Phahurat was founded.

Aside from the plethora of fabric sold here, Indian food may actually be the Phahurat's go-to option for first-time visitors. A quick stop at Phahurat will open your eyes to a few local curry-houses that specializes in authentic flavor and less about the appearance. Those who are looking for a chic dining atmosphere may be somewhat put-off by the shabby look of some curry houses, but do remember you’ll be paying about 100 baht for a place of curry, rice, and naan bread. It's only about a quarter of what it costs in Sukhumvit!

TakeMeTour's Review

Hidden right in plain sight, Phahurat can be rightly touted as one of the true "hidden gems" of Bangkok. As opposed to the flashy neon lights of neighboring Chinatown, Little India only advertises itself through its residents, their daily lives, and the truly authentic Indian cuisine. 

If you walk through Phahurat, the fragrant spices will hit your nose, and the affordable Indian food will not let you down. Phahurat Market is the perfect place to get a little taste of the Indian culture in a pocketed area in Bangkok.