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Thailand is located at the center of Southeast Asia with abundant pages of history. The region has been influenced many neighboring civilizations for thousands of years which has shaped Thailand’s history and culture to what it currently is today. Phimai Historical Park is one evidence showing those influence, namely from the Khmer Civilisation. If you are some you are interested in the rich history of Thailand, this place is a must-go-to place for you. 

It was built in the 11th to the 12th century in the area which was under the Khmer Empire and styled as a Buddhist temple. The site was originally named Vimayapura which means “the city of Vimaya”, that in turn developed into the Thai name of Phimai which the Phimai Historical Park is named after. The historical site is located in Phimai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. There are two recommended ways to get to the Phimai Historical Park: First, by a rental or private car which would from the city of Nakhon Ratchasima will take around an hour. Or secondly, you can take the Korat-Phimai bus at Korat Bus Terminal. Once you arrive there, you won’t believe your eyes with how endurance the structure of the historical site with its age. Being surrounded by the ruins, Phimai Historical Park offers a glimpse into the rich history of Thailand and its surrounded region. 

When you are there, you would have to pay an entrance fee of 100 baht, this will be all worth it if you consider the experience you are getting from this place. Phimai Historical Park consists of 2 parts where you can explore: the inner sanctuary which contains three prangs that have its own story and artwork built into them waiting for you to explore. The latter is the Phimai National Museum which displays many artifacts from various sites in the lower region of North-East Thailand concurrent with the nearby Prasat Hin Phimai, the museum has a 50-baht entrance fee for both adult and child. No visit to the site without exploring both of this part, it is recommended.

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Each region has its own rich history waiting for you to explore, this site is one of those places where you can take the look at one of the few sentences of the world’s history. So, why not pinned Phimai Historical Park as your must-go spot and relive history.