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Samila Beach can be compared to a natural living room that welcomes visitors from the past until today.  It’s also a perfect place to relax for local people and travelers alike. Samila Beach is located on the northern part of Songkhla next to Laem Son On along the Samila Peninsula, Songkhla, southern Thailand. 

On the southern part, there are beautiful beaches with white sand and clear water. The water is not too deep, and is suitable for children.  The viewpoint with beautiful scenery, with a mermaid statue sitting on the rocks, called the "Golden Mermaid". The golden mermaid was created according to an ancient Thai novel. It is considered to be the symbol of Songkhla located at the end of the Samila Peninsula. Travelers always come here to take pictures with the mermaid.

The atmosphere around the beach is full of tranquility. The sky is blue and beautiful, suitable for relaxing and enjoying the view. Visitors can swim in the sea easily because the sea is not too deep. And there will also be beach guards from Songkhla municipality taking care of everyone’s safety.

If you stay at Samila Beach until the evening when the sun goes down, there is still some light that captures the natural beauty for tourists to admire. We’re sure that it will make you want to come again in the future. You should not miss this place, especially with a local friend showing you around!