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Visiting Southern Thailand, you will doubtlessly experience a scenic world full of cultural mixture. No wonder, the area has always been historically changed hands between kingdoms and empires. The south then became a melting pot of culture, religion and people. Explore another fascinating aspect of Thailand's religious site at Songkhla Central Mosque, The Taj Mahal of Thailand.

Located in the district of Hat Yai, Songkhla Central Mosque was built in 2001. With the decoration of elegant architectural and art styles, the place has become one of the most famous worship centres in Hat Yai. When you first arrive at Songkhla Central Mosque, you will be awed by the peaceful surroundings and the tranquil atmosphere. Sooner, you will realise why the locals named it “the Taj Mahal of Thailand”. The building is delicately built in detail and the walkway is paved with marble. This large open mosque is always ready to welcome visitors and faithful alike. Here, the mosque’s openings allow the cool breeze to flow through, cooling you off from the tropical Southern Thailand climate. And yes, don’t miss your chance to snap some cool pictures in front of the reflecting crystal clear pool and majestic building!

Of course, traveling here is relatively easy, leaving you loads of time to explore the city. If you already spend enough serene time at Songkhla Central Mosque, there are a variety of hustle and bustle places to go! Khlong Hae Floating Marketing is one of the highlights. Here, you can enjoy strolling along the first floating of Southern Thailand. Most people find Khlong Hae Floating Market highly unique as the rows of boats are lined up on the wide river, unlike numbers of indoor floating markets found in other regions. But, if you’d love to see a cool sight from the top, Hat Yai can offer you that! Just 10 minutes drive away from the Central Mosque, located Hat Yai Municipal Park where you can hop on a cable car and watch the stunning panoramic view of the city!

If you are planning a day trip, starting at Songkhla Central Mosque, there is no concern about the admission fee since there are none.The mosque is also easily assessed through public transportation which is the cheapest way. However, the fastest way is to travel with private transportation. Being just recently completed, Songkhla Central Mosque offers you a unique experience, whether you are a tourist, or a daily visitor. surrounded by a peaceful and quiet environment, it shows that diversity can coexist in peace without conflict. So, why not visit and tranquilize your mind in a seamless journey with our Local Expert :)

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If you enjoy seeing the spectacular architecture of Songkhla Central Mosque, you are definitely an art lover. Here, you can also find numerous cool arty corners. At Songkhla Old Town, you can spot countless street arts from fun graffiti to life-size statues, making your journey way more colorful. Wandering through the old town, the smell from endless local restaurants will undoubtedly drive your stomach rumble. So don’t miss the authentic southern food, Stir-Fried Twisted Cluster Bean with Prawn! 

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