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As the outside world is spinning and changing rapidly, there is a city that stood still, as if time has stopped. There is a place that slept for 500 years, the former capital city of Siam that was once known as the "Sukhothai Kingdom" or the present-day Sukhothai province. 

In the past, around BE1792 - 1981 (AD1249-1438), the Sukhothai was prosperous through arts and culture was the administrative and economic center of the lower northern region at that time. The collapse of the Sukhothai Kingdom left only the ruins of historical value. Later on, Sukhothai Historical Park was created to preserve these ruins, and they were later inherited by UNESCO in 1991.  

Inside the Sukhothai Historical Park, there are important places that are religious monasteries, such as Tha Phang Thong Temple, Si Chum Temple, and Mahathat Temple, surrounded by ancient city walls in a square shape. Archaeological excavations in writing and archives will be on display at the museum in front of the park, including the famous stone inscription of King Ramkhamhaeng.

There are activities within the park. Beginning at 7:00 pm, there will be light shining on the historic sites. Every Saturday night there will be light and sound shows. From students of the College of Dramatic Arts, Sukhothai is a highlight that tourists are very interested in visiting. In addition, every evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is Tha Sadet Market, selling local products. You can also rent Thai costumes to take photos with the ancient sites! 

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We’re sure that all the mysteries and stories concealed by time will make your visit to Sukhothai Historical Park worthwhile. So, if you’re into history and want to check out the real relics of the past, head to Sukhothai with our Local Expert for a fulfilling day out!