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Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is one of Southern Thailand’s most beautiful waterfalls. If you are visiting southern Thailand for your holidays, Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is a recommended destination, filled with lush green nature and magnificent surroundings. You will feel a sense of relief and freshness after the long months or years of hard work. So, why not add Ton Nga Chang Waterfall to your next holiday spot when you visit Thailand.

It is located near Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, Southern Thailand. It consists of seven tiers: Ton Ba, Ton Pliew, Ton Nga Chang: the most beautiful, it is where the name Ton Nga Chang Waterfall came from, Ton Dam, Ton Nam Ploi, Ton Rue Si Koi Bo, and last but not least Ton Med Chun, respectively with each level being adjacent to each other so you can walk to each one. If you are already in Hat Yai, getting there is quite easy, you can rent a car from the city, you can take a taxi or you can take a motorcycle there, all would take about 40 minutes for you to arrive at Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary where Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is located in. While you are traveling here, you will see the lush green scenery around you, your mind would become liberated from the stress of everyday life. Transitioning into a world of green and nature. 

Once you have arrived at the Sanctuary, you will have to pay an entrance fee of 200 baht which would go to the conservation of the forests and the organism within. When you have entered, you will arrive at the busiest tier of the waterfalls, you can many Thai families enjoying themselves parents appreciating the food while the children play with each other in the ponds, creating a scene of coexistent between humanity and nature. You can continue to the next levels by the following signs and pathways, sneakers are recommended since the way is quite steep and full of wildlife. Along the way, you will be able to let go of your worries and mental strains as you surround yourself with nature.

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Although, Ton Nga Chang Waterfall might be similar to other tiered waterfalls in Thailand. However, the details are varied from other places: the number of organisms, the feelings, the people or even the smell can be different from place to place. As a result, your overall experience will differ as well. Let’s add Ton Nga Chang Waterfall to your next holiday destination.