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Planning a trip to the bustling city of Bangkok, you will come across endless destinations to spend your holiday. Of course, visiting the local market is a to-do thing and they are uncountable. Yes, we are not exaggerating. There are more than a hundred permanent markets, not including the weekend markets. Adding the trendy pop up ones to your lists can then be a bit risky, and going to a super crowded one can also cause you headache. How about visiting a permanent retro spot that not so many travelers know about ? At “Wang Lang Market”, you will experience one of the chicest and artsiest parts of Bangkok whilst enjoying the breeze of the waterside.

Wang Lang means “Rear Palace”. Back in the reign of King Rama I, the area situated a royal palace for the viceroy. However, now the area has turned into a very homely and arty hotspot. At this narrow lane, you can find numerous mouth-watering food and a row of boutique shops, some even date back to the old days! Strolling along this street, you will find the vintage stores, second-handed cameras, and hand-made artworks. Yes, having a holiday in Thailand, you certainly need the most kicking outfits. Here, you will definitely come back home with 10 shopping bags since the clothes price only starts from 100THB. So, grab them and decide later (you can even bargain for a cheaper price, so practice your Thai speaking skills now). 

Coming to this older part of the city, you would not want to miss the must-try food eaten by the locals for over ten years! A great range of cuisines is found all through the alley, from local Thai and Chinese menus, to even seafood dishes! At this street food heaven, try the famous Guay Jub Yuan, or the Vietnamese style noodles with salty soup. After a soupy dish, let’s try something scrumptiously crunchly. Have a bite of the best Hoy Tod or Thai Sizzling Oyster Omelette and don’t forget to dip it in chilli sauce like the locals do! Don’t worry, most dishes come super cheap and in small portions. So, you can enjoy tasting different things. 

Being near Chao Phraya River, we suggest you enjoy your day to the fullest by hopping on the ferry. Getting an all-day pass, it is definitely worth visiting the nearby pier and stunning attractions! Only 4 minutes boat ride away, you will arrive at the scenic Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn that was built even before 1656. Wat Arun is widely known for its breathtaking reflection on the river, so it is a brilliant idea to have a visit in the evening after spending your day at Wang Lang. Cherish the dazzling 80 metres high prang and the serene side of Bangkok on your special trip. 

If you have some time left in the evening, stop over at Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market. The later it gets, the more authentic flower trading you will see! At Bangkok’s biggest wholesale flower and plant market, you will come across the colorful stalls with pleasurable scents. And yes, super cheap price floral goods. Want to end your night with a frisky moment? Get on a fun Tuk Tuk ride and visit the lively Khao San Road. Here, enjoy a sprightly nightlife, ranging for chilling outdoor bars to upbeat EDM clubs. And of course, the rows of the tasty street food stall!

Along this enchanted riverside, there are countless things to explore, from the famous attractions to the coolest hidden gems like Wang Lang Market. Take a day off and ride along Chao Phraya river. Discover the beauty of the serene side of Bangkok, and see the unseen bit with our Local Experts :) 

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Wang Lang Market is easily accessed via Chao Phraya River. There are many fun activities to do along the path, so we suggest you get a 200THB all-day river pass (unlimited use between 9AM - 9PM). Wait for Chao Phraya Tourist Boat with a blue flag and hop on! Needing some chic cafe hoppings? Step off at the nearby Tha Maharaj and have a refreshing drink whilst looking at Chao Phraya Panoramic view. If you’d love to absorb a peaceful sense of Bangkok and its stunning view, visit the nearby Phra Pin-klao bridge and see the bright light of this capital city from the river!

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