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Coming to Bangkok, the glorious capital city of Thailand, hardly anyone misses going on a temple tour. Well, if you ask the locals what the stunning temples worth visiting are, Wat Loha Prasat is definitely one of the recommendations. Enjoy exploring the unique temples and its historical sites hidden in the modern time of the bustling Bangkok.

Wat Loha Prasat is an exquisite temple, making one of the important landmarks in Bangkok. The word Loha means metal, and Prasat means castle. And yes, the fascinating thing is that this is the first metal castle built in Thailand, and is the 3rd in the world. It is then not a usual thing we can see this type of architecture, so exploring its magnificence is not to be missed!

Formerly known as Wat Ratchanatda, Wat Loha Prasat has been under construction since the reign of King Rama III. Though the temple is now over 174 years old, the metal part of its castle was actually completed during 1963. Later, in the late 1990s till recently, more decoration was deliberately done by the National Artist of Thai Architecture. This latest restoration even makes Loha Prasat more beautiful than what it was. No wonder, visitors usually get fascinated by the magical beauty of its architecture.

Well, if you look closely at Wat Loha Prasat, the place is full of cultural beliefs. At this 3-storey metal castle, its high construction is supporting 37 metal spires that represent the 37 virtues toward enlightenment. Walking inside, you will be filled with a history of the castle dated back hundreds of years ago. Plus, interesting exhibitions with interactive displays are there for you to enjoy while strolling along the temple ground. These narrow paths make a top instagrammable spot if you need some posts!

If you truly take a visit to a temple for spiritual purposes, there is a spot for you to meditate. The place gives you a serene vibe and is suitable for a meditation. Want to see Bangkok in a bigger frame? Walk to the top floor of Loha Prasat, and discover a 360-degree viewpoint. It is definitely breathtaking!

Discover another side of Bangkok hidden in the mist of time. Enjoy from the magnificent architecture, stunning temples, endless tasty food, and the lively vibes. Explore Bangkok with our Local Experts who will take you on the best routes!

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Wat Loha Prasat opens daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. We suggest you don’t miss the large white hall, the golden Buddha, beautiful murals and door carvings. Of course, a long day exploring Bangkok, you need something to fill your belly up! Just a two minute drive away from Wat Loha Prasat, you can try Bangkok’s most famous Pad Thai. At Thip Samai you will get to taste the delicious freshly-made Pad Thai. But, go there early or be prepared for the queue snaking down the street!

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