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If you decide to travel to Thailand and want to experience some Buddhist culture, you will not be disappointed if you visit Wat Muang. There, you will witness the beauty of the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand, and the 4th biggest in the world.  

Wat Muang is an ancient temple built since the late Ayutthaya era. At that time, Ang Thong was the outpost city famous for religion, art and sculpture. During the second fall of Ayutthaya, Ang Thong was burnt down and then rebuilt again. Luang Por Yai, the Buddha statue with the 63 meters width, and 95 meters height had been built to be the biggest Buddha statue in Thailand.

Apart from Luang Por Yai that attracts Thai and foreign tourists to worship for their own good, this temple also has an ordination hall decorated with million pieces of mirror called “Wiharn Kaew”. It is built to display the image of heaven. The outside of the hall is surrounded by big lotus petals, making it the biggest ordination hall with lotus petals in the world. Walking outside from the mirror hall, you will see the court of statues teaching about karma, as it has been taught in Buddhism.  

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Ang Thong is one of the provinces in Thailand that provides many beautiful tourist attractions. We highly recommended you to travel and experience the precious history of this city. Then, you will back to your place safe and sound, from the blessings of Luang Por Yai of Wat Muang. 

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