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There are many temples in Chiang Mai. Wat Phra Singh is one of Chiang Mai's famous temples. There is an important Buddha statue that is Phra Buddha Sihing.

During the Songkran Festival, Phra Buddha Sihing will be toured around the city for people to worship. Songkran Festival is the New Year Festival of Thailand. People believe that worshiping Buddha is good for them. If you come to Chiang Mai during the Songkran festival (13-15 April every year), you will see many Lanna traditions that are beautiful and have very interesting stories. You will enjoy the cool splash of water that is the highlight of this festival.

Wat Phra Singh was built since 1345. Up to now, it is about 675 years old. When you enter the temple the first thing that will be found is the Grand Hall. This temple combines Rattanakosin art and Lanna art together. Painting in this temple is a mural that is hard to see anywhere else in Thailand. The inside of the Grand Hall is a large Buddha statue made of cement and has a lot of other Buddha statues. Besides the Buddha statues in Grand Hall, there are many interesting old photos too. Come out of the Grand Hall, and you will also find a variety of architecture within this temple.

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When you come to Chiang Mai and visit Wat Phra Singh, you can continue walking on Tha Pae Walking Street. The area is very close to each other, you will save a lot of travel time. Remember, if you come to Chiang Mai and not give this place a visit, it’s like you haven’t truly arrived. So, don't miss Wat Phra Singh on your travel list!